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  • How to play Final Fantasy

    Everything you need to know to choose what game to start with So, Final Fantasy has caught your interest. Who can blame you: with Final Fantasy 14, the MMORPG, outperforming World of Warcraft, and the hype for the single-player action-RPG Final Fantasy 16 at a high, it’s natural you are curious about this storied franchise. […]

  • Final Fantasy VII Screenshots

    This is a collection of 20 high-quality screenshots from the Playstation JRPG Final Fantasy VII. They were taken in RetroArch and the Beetle PSX core, with no shaders. These are simply shots from my last playthrough that I found interesting. It’s not a comprehensive look at the game, and most pictures are either from early […]

  • 100+ studies show action games improve perception, attention and multitasking

    Instead of simply accepting video games, is it time we encouraged them? A metastudy has been newly published by the journal of Technology, Mind and Behaviour that gives a very strong indication that playing action games strengthens some mental functions. It was found that: AVGP [action video-game players] were observed to have superior cognitive skills, […]

  • Games like Oddworld

    The special traits we are looking for  People fall in love with Oddworld for different reasons. The gorgeous, cinematic vistas and character animations. The non-human characters and the bizarre world they live in. The sense of humour. The messages about environmentalism and corporate greed. The mix of real-time puzzles and tense chase scenes. A unique […]

  • What is Jade Cocoon

    An RPG about the coexistence of humans and nature, with a cocoon master who traps monsters in a cocoon. Katsuya Kondo, artist for Jade Cocoon (Interview) Jade Cocoon in One Minute Key points This fondly remembered series started with Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu on the PS1 in 1991, which has one sequel.  This […]

  • Why Everything is Dark Souls

    Every film wants to be a cinematic universe, and every game wants to be Dark Souls β€” according to some.  The cynic inside us already has an answer to why: the games of From Software have a large, paying fanbase, and other studios want a slice of that pie.  A manager who sits at least […]

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