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  • Xenogears Screenshots

    This is a collection of 75 high-quality (and hopefully interesting) screenshots from the Playstation game Xenogears. They were taken in RetroArch with the crt-easymode shader applied. This is not a comprehensive tour of Xenogears, but it does feature a variety of areas including some from late in the game. To find out what makes this […]

  • Evolution of Healers in JRPGs

    Magical healers have had a role in mythology, religion and fantasy literature since forever. You’ve heard of Jesus of Nazareth? Total healer.  We will come back to him later. In role playing games, healers were there even before computers. The first edition Dungeons and Dragons (1974) gave rules for three types of characters: fighting men, […]

  • What Avatar: The Way of Water did to me

    Avatar 2 recaptures the magic of the first film without feeling like a retread — mostly.  With the world of Pandora and the way of the Navi explained in the first movie, the sequel seems like the time to build on those foundations and tell a new, more complex story.  I wanted Avatar: The Way […]

  • What made Xenogears great?

    Xenogears released in 1997: after Final Fantasy VII, before Final Fantasy VIII. At a time when the Square Enix development cycle could stretch to a year and a half (Final Fantasy games included), Xenogears took over two. Even that wasn’t enough, not even close: Xenogears is, at best, 75% complete.  Links: Screenshots That’s nothing, though. […]

  • Western-Style JRPGs: A Brief Overview

    Where do we start when it comes to Western-style JRPGs? Perhaps we should get clear about what we are looking for. After all, the wording is ambiguous. Does a game with JRPG mechanics that was made by a Western company meet the definition? If you believe that a JRPG must, categorically, come from Japan (as […]

  • What Is Oddworld?

    Oddworld started with in 1997 with the 2D cinematic platformer Abe’s Odyssey.  There are five major games in the series, the latest released in 2021.  All titles are set in the eponymous Oddworld, a world of non-human characters and unusual (often deadly) animals and wildlife. Among other things, the Oddworld series is known for: 1. […]

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