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  • Predictions for Bloodstained 2 – Part 3: Setting and the Son

    Part 1: The Belmonts & ZangetsuPart 2: The Villians Sometimes a rumour emerges of a revival of the dead Castlevania franchise. It reminds me of the Symphony of the Night Succubus taunting Alucard with the vision of his dead mother. With a new series in production at Netflix and a crossover with Dead Cells nearing […]

  • Predictions for Bloodstained 2 – Part 2: Villains

    Part 1: The Belmonts & Zangetsu Despite being a videogame franchise twice as big as Dance Dance Revolution and a Netflix franchise so popular they didn’t cancel it even after four seasons — they gave it a second show instead! — Konami isn’t making more Castlevania games. So it is a good thing Koji Igarashi […]

  • Oddworld: Strangers Wrath Review

    Stranger’s Wrath was too unusual for its own good. That’s probably why EA never advertised it. 2005 was the year of Call of Duty 2 and Indigo Prophecy. Stranger’s Wrath began in an Old West town of chicken-men called New Yolk City. Stranger himself was weird, a mixture of man and ram and wildcat. Take […]

  • Predictions for Bloodstained 2 – Part 1: The Belmonts & Zangetsu

    Castlevania is in my top three videogame franchises of all time, easily. Right now, Komani is doing nothing with it. Regular Castlevania director Koji Igarashi was unsatisfied with this state of affairs, which is why so he crowdfunded the Bloodstained franchise — his avenue to make new Castlevania games in all but name. So far, […]

  • What Do You Need To Watch Before Doctor Strange 2

    Many of the MCU movies and shows can be enjoyed without having seen any of the other MCU movies or shows. However, most of them are improved with some context gleamed from the other stories. Therefore, I would like to suggest which shows I think you should try and watch before going to see Doctor […]

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